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Vibration Eye Massager

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Relieves Eye Fatigue, Migraines, Dizziness, Eye Pain, Dry Eyes And Sinus Symptoms!

Pneumatic massage helps by applying a full pressure massage to the eye points. Relaxes the muscles and nerves around the eyes, relieves eye pain and fatigue.

Infrared heat application, using safe infrared light waves, helps relieve headaches and dizziness, accelerates eye circulation, relieves eye pain and dry eyes, and diminishes dark circles around the eyes.

Multi-frequency vibration massage produces a rhythmic, uniform vibration frequency that helps promote microcirculation, effectively clears channels, and improves vision.

High-frequency 3D magnetic field helps balance the autonomic nerves, increases oxygen uptake, and helps promote blood circulation.

Also comes with 3 soothing music tracks if you choose to listen to them while getting the eye massage.


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