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Stove Shield (4Pcs)

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No More Messy Stoves Ever Again! 

The Fast & Easy Way To Protect And Preserve Your Stove-top!!


Totally Flexible, fits virtually any gas stove, and cleans lightning fast with just one pass 


Simply fit around the four burners, cook any meal that splatters, drips, splashes, or splats, and just like that, the nastiest mess slides right off every time, while your stove keeps that brand new shine

The secret is the multi-bonded shield. A space age heat-resistant material is fused with a durable, nonstick coating, creating an indestructible barrier that's guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Don't let grease and grime ruin your stove. Keep it looking new by protecting it with Stove Shield. Even dried egg, spaghetti sauce, or burnt milk wipes clean with ease

Pack Includes 4 Pcs

Withstands temperatures up to 260°C / 500F

Size: Approx. 270 x 270mm/ 10.63″ x 10.63″


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