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SpyCatcher™ Camera Detector

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You No Longer Have To Afraid Of Being Secretly Videotaped! In Seconds, You’ll Know If You’re Being Spied On.

Hidden cameras such as lighter cameras, pinhole cameras, watch cameras or pen cameras can be easily and quickly detected by the infrared detector of the SpyCatcher, effectively protecting individual privacy when you are in a hotel or any other places.


Where Are Unauthorized Hidden Cameras Found?

You won’t believe how small hidden cameras are these days. Often no bigger than a pinhole, these tiny spy cameras are concealed inside everyday objects such as clocks, glasses, lamps, picture frames, USB chargers, keychains, desktop fans, outlets, smoke detectors, DVD players, fake water bottles, air fresheners and so much more. 


These tiny cameras often are built with advanced recording and offsite streaming, allowing unauthorized people to watch and record your activity, and in many cases, using your compromised activity demanding money or  threatening you with releasing the footage to the public.

The tiny camera lens will appear to blink back at you as a reflection off camera lens itself, instantly giving away its location as you scan the area around you. It doesn’t matter if the camera is turned on or off, recording or not...even if its a non-working camera, the blinking effect will clearly show you the presence of a camera lens which is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye.

Who Should Use It & Why?

Anyone concerned about any invasion of privacy in your home, or out and about during your day. Hidden cameras have no boundaries when it comes to watching and recording people.

They could be watching you or your loved ones in your own home, hotel rooms, at work, at your child's nursery, dressing rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms and more. It takes just a few seconds to pull this out of your pocket or handbag and sweep a room you’ve just entered.


The SpyCatcher can find pinhole cameras, protect your privacy and keep your personal security anytime and anywhere.

The defense alert can be secured on drawers, security windows, doors and box, making a loud sound to draw people's attention even at very far distances. 


The SpyCatcher  can effectively scare dangerous attackers away and help you ask for help, ensuring personal and property security.

The defense alarm can also be used as mini LED lights, featuring sharp lighting effect, long lighting distance and wide lighting range, suitable for nights and terrible environment.

The SpyCatcher™ weighs only 1.12 ounces / 3.40 grams. Lightweight, handheld and compact, easy and convenient for traveling, carrying and storage in handbags, purses, pockets and suitcases.

Travelers can feel safe from prying eyes when arriving to new locations.

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