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Multi-Tool Stainless Steel Bracelet

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Designed As A Bracelet, Each Stainless Steel Link Includes Extremely Convenient Tools!



Drill Bit, Hand tools, Household tools, Screwdriver, Wrench and Other Hand Tools.

A collection of interchangeable links, each designed to offer a variety of tools that allow you to solve everyday problems or respond to more critical situations.

Wear it not just for the tools, but how AWESOME it looks on your wrist!

This stylish Multi-tool Bracelet looks great both on men and women  —and best of all, it comes fully equipped with dozens of functional, convenient tools to make your life that much easier.

Each individual link in the bracelet is fitted with several different tools. Simply remove the link corresponding to the tool you want to use, and you will have a fully operational tool ready to help you with whatever project you have going on.



The greatest multi-tool is the one you have when you need it.

It doesn’t ever need to leave you. Ever! It goes anywhere you go. On the plane, to school, out to dinner, to the office, to Disneyland with the family, hiking in Patagonia, or salmon fishing on the Alta River in Norway.

29 TOOLS: #1-2 Phillips, ¼” box wrench, 3/16” screwdriver, 6mm hex drive, ¼” hex drive, oxygen tank wrench, 3/16” hex drive, 1/8” hex drive, 3/16” box wrench, 3/32” hex drive, 3/32” screwdriver, 1/8” flat screwdriver, 4mm hex drive, 8mm box wrench, 3mm hex drive, 5/16” screwdriver, 3/8” box wrench, ¼” flat screwdriver, #1 Phillips, 6mm box wrench, #2 Phillips, carbide glass breaker, pick/sim card tool, cutting hook, ¼” socket drive, bottle opener, #2 square drive.




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