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Essential Aromatherapy Oils 6 Pcs (for diffusers)

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The Practice Of Aromatherapy Is Well Established In The Lexicon Of Natural Health.

Aromatic essential oils have been used for thousands of years as traditional remedies to enhance health and well-being.

The ability of fragrances to affect mood and atmosphere has long been well recognized, different cultures have made use of the aromatic plants available to them for spiritual rituals and personal use.

Lavender: Deeply relaxing, lavender helps reduce stress levels and anxiety and is a popular remedy for promoting restful sleep.

Tea Tree: This antiseptic is effective in warding off colds and flu. Once a cold has set in, a steam inhalation with the oil eases congestion and breathing.

Orange: Helps clear the air and mind. It’s disinfectant action is useful in sickrooms, while its calming aroma can aid restful sleep for both adults and children.

Peppermint: Add 3 -4 drops to a diffuser or vaporizer and use as decongestant to help clear sinuses and congested lungs.

Lemongrass: Disperse into a room to raise spirits and lift exhaustion.

Eucalyptus: Add a few drops to a diffuser to combat fatigue.

For oil diffusers only.


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