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DouxBra™ Posture Corrector Lift Up Bra

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Fixes Your Body Posture Instantly!

Posture Corrector Lift Up Bra an extremely comfortable bra with a unique "X" shaped back support designed to improve your everyday body posture!


✔ Instant back and body posture support - trains your muscles and spine to their natural alignment by pulling your shoulders back when wearing

✔ Reduces back & shoulder pain - because of an improved posture, back or shoulder pain will be a thing of the past

✔ Extreme comfort - the straps and cups are reinforced with a silky-smooth cushion that will make you forget you're even wearing a bra!

✔ Perfect fit - secure hooks on the front and shoulder straps so you can adjust to your exact fit and tightness

✔ Machine washable - washer and dryer.

Improved Body Posture

Keeping a proper and aligned body posture is essential to allow you to work more efficiently with less fatigue and strain to your ligaments and muscles. 

Let our Posture Corrector Lift Up Bra help you with its reinforced "X" shaped straps that pulls your shoulder back and align your body posture to relieve back and shoulder pain.

Watch as it improves your posture instantly!

Extreme Comfort

By wearing this bra, you'll feel a level of comfort like never before.

Made with silky-smooth elastic fabrics that will not press and cause pain to skin, unlike conventional straps. 

Some of our customers say they forget they're even wearing this bra!

Perfect Fit For You

Eye-closure security hooks on the front and shoulder area so you can adjust to your perfect fit and tightness.

The straps and cups are reinforced with double-layered cushion for maximum support and comfort.


Feel The Quality

Stay dry and cool with premium breathable fabrics that will wick away sweat and moisture upon contact throughout your whole day!

Gently compresses along your underarm and back area to give a completely flat appearance.


Look Slimmer

With a flatter and compressed appearance, the Posture Corrector Lift Up Bra will make you look indefinitely slimmer from the front, side, and back!



Size Guide


Because the Posture Corrector Lift Up Bra is made of adjustable elastic material, each size can fit a wide range of band sizes and cup sizes.

Please use the table below to see which size suits your normal band/cup size. 

(Measurements are in US metrics - please convert accordingly to your region)


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