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Deluxe Laundry Delicate Bags

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Change Your Laundry Life For The Better, Forever!

These laundry bags will make sure your delicates are properly washed and cleaned in the washing machine without tears and snags.

These laundry bags are available in five sizes (sold separately or a set). They can be used to separate your shirts and upper garments from your bras, underwear and socks to prevent tears and snags.

They’re perfect for washing machine and tumbler use and is safe to use in all wash cycles and with all detergents and pods.

Made of a superfine Polyester mesh fabric, they allow soap and water in easily but keep all items safely inside. Their zipper enclosure guarantees your garments won’t go anywhere.

These High Quality Laundry Delicate Bags also double as stylish laundry organizers or packing cubes. They’re great to bring on university dorms, vacations, business trips, and more.


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