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Bite Helper

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Stay Away From Zika, Malaria, Dengue And Other Viruses Carried By Mosquitoes. It Is A Dangerous Gamble.


A Mess-Free Device That Uses Heat And Vibration To Stop The Itching!!


The simple science behind why you itch is in the bug's saliva. When a female insect bites, she injects a bacteria-laden mixture that irritates your skin and gets it inflamed.




The key to Bite Helper is that the bacteria is thermolabile, which means it's destroyed by heat. BITE HELPER is drug and chemical free.


Heat gets rid of the bacteria, and that gets rid of the itch, so the sooner you use Bite Helper, the more effective it is at soothing.



Existing insect repellents, creams, ointments, sprays, bracelets, patches don’t always work. Mosquitoes still bite us, and we continue to itch!


We recommend using it in the four-hour window right after the bite. It emits heat, which kills the bacteria, and also emits pulsing vibrations that improve your blood circulation.




Compact design, so it's easy to pack on camping trips, for outdoor events, or just keep handy day-to-day in your purse or backpack.


Whether you've been bitten by a sneaky mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant, this nifty gadget stops the itch and sting in its tracks.






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