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Premium Painless Pet's Nail Grinder

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Trim Their Nails Round & Smooth, No More Worries About Over Cutting, Nasty Pains Or Bleeding!


If your pets are terrified of nail trimming, then we’ve got you covered. Equipped with a mute brass shaft and unique mute technology that's still powerful enough to gently remove thin layers of nail. Sensitive dogs will not get scared any longer, making your nail trimming work easier!


Leave your pet's paws touchably soft and your home safe from scratches.


Suitable For All Pet's Size: The Pet's Nail Grinder comes with three size openings to suit different sized nails. Choose a suitable one according to the size and characteristics of your pet's nails.


Too long dog’s nails can impede their ability to walk and run properly. They can curl under and become painful, forcing the animal to not be able to walk and run properly. This puts excess strain on their paws and legs that can cause stress on the dog’s joints and can lead to joint damage and arthritis.

How to use:

Step 1: According to the pet's size and characteristics of their nails, choose the suitable port/ opening for your pet.


Step 2: Holding the grinder with one of your hands, holding the pet nails with the other hand, put its nail into a port gently, and then begin to grind.

Step 3: Take off the plastic cover of the grinder in an anticlockwise direction, turn it on and gently clean the surface of the nail grinder with soft towel and tissue, so that it will remain as effective as ever.


Comes with a USB cable that can continuously operate up to 3 hours once fully charged.

Package Included:

Set One: 1  Pet Nail Grinder, 1 USB Cable & User Manual.

Set Two: 1 Pet Nail Grinder, 1 USB Cable, User Manual & ​1 Replacement Nail Trimmer Head.

Set Three: 1 Pet Nail Grinder, 1 USB Cable, User Manual & ​2  Replacement Nail Trimmer Head.

Save Time & Money By Trimming Your Dog’s Nails At Home!


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