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Ultra-Light Waterproof Packable Duck Down Jacket

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Get The Comfort & Insulation Of A Down Jacket, With The Compact Packable Ability Of A Shell Jacket!


These jackets are warm, lightweight, and compress down to comfortably fit in your backpack.


Down Insulation: Contrary to popular belief, down is not a feather, and it does not have any quills. Down actually is the soft plumage that lies beneath the feathers of aquatic birds like ducks and geese. It is a light and fluffy cluster of natural fibers that provide an extra layer of insulation for the bird on which it is found. 



1. Ultra-lightweight: By far the biggest advantage. Down has an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio because of its unique three-dimensional shape. The arrangement of the down filaments creates airspaces that trap in body heat. This natural airy construction also makes the material light in weight. For the same level of warmth, a synthetic jacket will be heavier than a down coat and would not compress as much.

2. Extremely Compact: Another huge advantage. Because it is so light and fluffy, down can be compressed to a fraction of its original size, allowing you to squeeze a down jacket into any small nook and cranny in your pack. Once removed from a compression sack, down quickly will regain its loft and heat-trapping ability. You can repeat this cycle of compression and lofting with minimal damage to the down fibers.

3. Long Life: Down can be compressed over and over again, making it's insulation ability last a very long time. Alternatively, synthetic fibers break down and lose their ability to trap heat. An older 30-degree bag may become a 50-degree bag because of this wear and tear.

When packed down it's no bigger than a smartphone - so it'll slip into your rucksack, or stow away in your glove box. 


Packs down compactly into a tiny pouch, the ideal travel companion!

Waterproof and breathable for outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, traveling or casual wear. 

Versatile temperature regulating the design to keep you warmth and mobile all season long.

Zippered hand pockets, low-profile elasticized cuffs and hem help seal out cold air.

Highly wind resistant shell.

White duck down provides unrelenting warmth.


    It’s unisex and also a fully water resistant.


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