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Helpy™ Hands Free Hairdryer Holder

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No More Sore Hands And Shoulders!

At home, many women find holding a brush in one hand and a blow dryer in the other hand to be a challenge, often causing sore hands, arms, neck, and back pain.

Helpy™ holds your hair dryer, freeing up an extra hand. 360°freely rotating brace, provides the perfect angle and height for drying hair.

With the flick of a lever simply grip Helpy™ to your mirror or any other flat surface, insert the dryer and start blowing and styling your hair. Drill free, easy to mount, heavy duty suction cup & super adsorption capacity.

Universal holder stand, hair dryer bracket on a strong rubber band, which can be fitted to any hair dryer. Eliminates the challenge of holding the brush and the blower in your hands and makes blowing and styling a breeze.

Helpy™ is great for arthritis and other dexterity problems.

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